Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Foundation recognizes the importance of protecting personal information collected about the users of this website and believes that the protection of personal information is its social responsibility and obligation. The Foundation strives to protect personal information based on the following Policy.

1. Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

  • 1.1. The Foundation collects personal information in a legal and fair manner strictly to the extent necessary for business operations.
  • 1.2. The Foundation will not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining prior consent unless otherwise obligated under laws and regulations.

2. Proper Handling of Personal Information

  • The Foundation implements appropriate safety measures with respect to the personal information collected, and takes all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, disclosure, loss, etc., of personal information.

3. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Other Norms

  • The Foundation complies with the applicable laws and regulations as well as other norms pertaining to personal information.

4. Continuous Improvement of the Personal Information Protection System

  • The Foundation strives to maintain and continuously review and improve the personal information protection system.

5. Dissemination of this Policy

  • The Foundation disseminates this Policy to its employees.

6. Handling of Inquiries and Complaints

  • 6.1. The Foundation respects the rights of individuals regarding their personal information and will respond within a reasonable period of time and to the extent required when a user requests that their personal information be disclosed.
  • 6.2. A user may request that their personal information be corrected or amended. In such case, the Foundation will respond swiftly and within a reasonable period of time after first confirming the identity of the individual making such request.
  • 6.3. For inquiries about personal information, please dial +81-(0)75-561-1119.

7. Links to Third-Party Websites

  • The third-party websites (links) that can be accessed through the Foundation’s website have their own regulations with respect to privacy protection and the collection of personal information. The Foundation does not assume any obligation or responsibility with respect to the handling of personal information by any third-party website.